No walks are planned for this week ending 23/01/2021.

The current government guidelines are:

1. Attendance to each walk is limited to 5 people for each walk.

2. There should be spacing of 1.5 to 2 metres between groups where I understand a group can be made up of people who live together or have already had close social contact.

3. People must wear masks when in public places.

My rules are:

1. In order to limit the numbers, walkers will need to register by email to silvercoast walks and I will accept up to the first 4 emails for each of the long and short walks.  Given the small number of walkers registering I will not specify a start time for registrations to be accepted.

2. Emails must specify the number of people to register – up to a maximum of 2 people – and whether for the short or long walk.

3. More than 1 email from the same email address will be ignored.

4. I will confirm a successful registration by email

5. Bring a face mask.


Short Walk


No walk this week.



Long Walk


No walk this week.



N.B. If you do not receive a walks’ email, please check the web site on the eve of the walks in case there are any changes.

Each week up to two walks are organised in the Silvercoast region of Portugal.

Every Wednesday we hold a short walk (max 7 km) and on alternate Fridays we hold a long walk (10 to 20 km).

Everyone is welcome to join a walk, there is no charge, but people walk at their own risk (see the disclaimer in the footer below).
Dogs are welcome, but must be kept under control.
The area covered by the walks ranges from Paredes in the north to Monte Junto in the South and from the Serra dos Candeeiros in the east to the coast in the west.

Our regular walkers are from a variety of countries: –
Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, United States of America, Italy but the common language is English.

To get more information on the site and future developments. please go to the About web page.